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Live in Style
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We capture
Nature for your dreams
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About Metro Tiles

Innovative Designs

Best Tiles Showroom in Coimbatore

Metro Tiles stands together of the best tiles showroom in Coimbatore, tiles wholesale dealers in Coimbatore, tiles manufacturers in Coimbatore. We at metro tiles deal with all major brands everywhere in India. Our rare, unique collections of tiles and the availability of ready stocks make us more recognized in this tiles industry. Metro tiles hold an outsized quantity of stock which enables them to be the simplest in the market with highly competitive pricing. Visit our tiles showroom in Coimbatore for the best Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Sanitary / CP Fitting, and Electric Chimney / Vanity / Sink and Bowl at a reasonable cost.

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Tiles Showroom in Coimbatore

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Best Tiles Dealers & Manfacturers in Coimbatore

More than 10,000 sq ft Showroom Located in Coimbatore to Serve the Customer’s complete range of Home Solution!!!

Various Designs

Metro Tiles hold a sufficient quantity of stock at a highly competitive price which establishes us one of the best Tiles wholesale Dealers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Best Quality

Metro Tiles is the best Tiles Showroom in Coimbatore and also known to be a trendsetter in the Industry, Since we remain loyal to our core values; ie, Innovation, quality, and customer service.

Where can I get the Best Tiles Showroom in Coimbatore for home?

The best place to choose from a large selection of high-quality tiles is Metro Tiles. Our tiles will meet even the most discerning customers both functionality and quality. We have been providing our services in the Coimbatore area. For more than 19 years, with complete client satisfaction. Our Showroom is adamant about keeping its obligations. And providing the best products possible to its customers. Although a plus for the consumer, the availability of a variety of options. Everything from colors to textures to strength to size may leave individuals confused. The best option for their needs.

When it comes to designing a Kitchen or Bathroom wall space, Metro tiles are a timeless classic. At the turn of the 20th century, many color combinations used. To help passengers recognize the stops, and this is where they first appeared. Metro tiles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A variety of patterns are available. Including brick-shaped, micro brick-shaped, elongated brick-shaped, beveled and smooth, crackle-glazed, and bumpy, rustic. As a result, you may be sure to discover the ideal style for your personality.

Who are the Tiles Showroom in Coimbatore for Commercial?

Metro Tiles produces superior ceramic tile finishes for the Coimbatore commercial specification market. And tiling solutions for use in various industry verticals. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available to architects, interior designers, and specification professionals. We collaborate with cutting-edge, market-leading manufacturers. We can provide the advantages of some of the largest tiles manufactures in Coimbatore. And supply the materials best suited to your particular requirements. We provide a wide range of goods that have been selected from the top producers. Architects, designers, and specifiers can choose from a wide selection of sample wallets. And other support materials that we offer. Because we assist you in achieving your idea for the most stunning. Metro Tiles is a favorite among specifiers.

Metro tiles can be uses to create a trendy Splashback

Metro tiles used to create a Splash back in the kitchen or bathroom. Because they are ideal for achieving a contemporary look. You can choose from our colorful, Victorian-style Green Tiles and modern White Tiles. We have a variety of metro tiles that are perfect to use for Kitchen Wall Tiles. These lovely tiles are the ideal option for behind the oven and sink. Where spills and splashes are frequent. This is due to their strength, resilience, and ease of cleaning.

Develop your own unique appearance

Because of the variety of metro tiles, you have a lot of options. When it comes to designing something one-of-a-kind for your own specific style. Due to their fashionable contemporary appearance, herringbone tiles are very popular right now. But, there are many other designs to choose from. Including the traditional brick bond and basket weave styles.

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Frequency Of Questions

1. What sort of materials do you sell, firstly?

We have over 300 different tile products in stock, all with different sizes, materials, and finishes. Floor tiles, wall tiles, sanitary items, CP fittings, electric chimneys, vanities, sinks, and more are all part of our natural stone collections.

2. How are tiles made?

The materials that are employed affect the tile-making process. In contrast to ceramic and porcelain tiles, which are manufactured from clay and heated in a kiln to various temperatures, stone is a natural substance generated by the processes and physics of nature.

3. What distinguishes ceramic from porcelain tile?

The tile’s durability and composition are different. Although clay and other minerals are used to manufacture both ceramic and porcelain tile, porcelain tile’s clay is more refined and is burned at much higher temperatures.
Due to its great density and reduced porosity, porcelain tile is more resistant to dampness, stains, and water absorption.
Although porcelain tiles are more preferred due to their longevity and resistance to chipping and scratching, especially for areas that receive a lot of traffic, ceramic tiles are still less expensive and highly recommended for interior floors and walls.

4. What are the advantages of selecting tile over materials like vinyl, laminate, or hardwood?

Tile has several advantages, including longevity, ease of maintenance, affordability, and distinctive design possibilities, to name a few.

5. Do you have stock of all your products?

Our stores carry a large number of our products. and have a lot of stock, which enables them to work with well-known brands all around India.

6. Do you provide your clients with solutions?

Yes, we provide cost-effective solutions without making quality sacrifices.

7. What about tile prices?

Customers have an amazing price range for the things they can purchase.